Our Mission

We help organizations to become data-driven by facilitating digital transformation and providing advanced analytics and machine learning to optimize business functions and enable better decisions in less time.

Core Values

We are passionate about building tech and democratizing data science, but we never forget that we work with people for people. We listen, we learn, and approach everything with a curious and creative mindset. We believe that focus, clarity, and transparency are key to achieve client and team success.

Meet the Team

We are united by our mission of saving time and resources via powerful data analytics, machine learning, and visualization.

Khalid Lemzouji
MSc Statistics
Co-founder, CEO
Khalid is a senior data scientist and engineer with 15 years experience in statistics, data science, and machine learning in public health, medicine, ecology, and engineering.
Péter Sólymos
PhD Biology
Co-founder, CTO
Péter is a ecologist with a passion for analyzing big data. He has >15 years of experience in biology, environmental sciences, and computer programming, including statistics, machine learning, cloud computing, and interactive desktop and web applications. He has authored >60 peer reviewed publications and over a dozen R packages.
Brandon Smith
MSc Environmental Science
VP Environment
Brandon is a Risk Assessment Specialist and entrepreneur. Brandon has 8+ years experience in Human and Ecological Health across Canada. Brandon is the Founder and Director of Clear-Site Solutions.
Subhash Lele
PhD Statistics
Senior Statistician and Data Scientist
Subhash is Professor of Statistics at University of Alberta. He has been on National Academy of Sciences committees, editorial boards of leading statistical and ecological journals. He has published about 90 papers with h-index of 45 with 7,900 citations, and has written/edited two books. Subhash's interest is in applying statistics and machine learning to solve real life challenges in ecology, environmental sciences, public health, linguistics and engineering.
Kalvin Eng
MSc Computing Science
Full Stack Developer
Kalvin is a full stack developer with a MSc in Computing Science from the University of Alberta who brings a wealth of experience in creating and deploying software solutions.
Christiana Manzocco
Christiana has experience as the Managing Director of UK and Europe for a global management consultancy working with corporates in energy and financial services. Christiana led the creation of an AI division for an advisory services firm, integrating applied AI and ML solutions into innovation and business strategies. Christiana is a published author and speaker, passionate about shining a light on Alberta's tech investment ecosystem.
Thomas Hillen
PhD Mathematics
Thomas is Professor of Mathematics and Associate Chair of Research at the University of Alberta, and the President of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. His interest is in applying math to understand Ecology and cancer diseases. Thomas published 90 papers and 3 books. Thomas is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Syndemedic.
Lynette Esak
MSc Soil Science
Lynette is a Senior Environmental Scientist and entrepreneur. Lynette has 25 years of leadership experience in terrestrial soil, remediation, reclamation and environmental assessment in the environmental industry in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Lynette is the Founder and President of Esak Consulting Ltd.
Andrew Ma
PEng, BASc Mechanical Engineering
Andrew has 20 years of service and sales experience in upgrading, modifying, repairing, problem solving, and improving the reliability of rotating equipment and turbomachinery. Andrew is a detail-oriented, trustworthy resource to equipment end users in many different industries. He is also currently chairman of the non-profit Rotating and Turbomachinery Society (RATS) and alumni of the University of Waterloo.
Chijioke Ukiwe
Chijioke is a professional engineer with an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta and an MBA from Cornell University's School of Business Management. His areas of expertise include pipeline integrity management, process safety management and process improvement. His professional experience spans several areas, including Oil & Gas pipeline consulting and operations, academia and manufacturing.
Shlomo Orr
PhD Water Resources
Shlomo specializes in Hydrogeology and Modeling with 35 years experience in environmental data analysis, numerical and stochastic modeling, optimization, and environmental risk assessment. Shlomo's interest is in using data, statistics, and machine learning to solve water resources issues. Shlomo is the Founder and President of Orr & Associates.


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