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Look at different countries and see how the cumulative cases compare to each other (see linked video at the end of the post). Drill down to the Canadian data to explore cases between provinces and territories to compare daily cases, rates, and doubling times with interactive visualization. Alberta data is provided by by counties.

Blog post: COVID-19 cases in Alberta in space and time

Blog post: Decision-making in times of extreme uncertainty in the COVID-19 pandemic

Web application:

Data sources and automated data processing: GitHub repository

Air quality

Data exploration is the first step in the development of data analytics pipelines to facilitate better decision making. We specialize in building such analytics pipelines drawing upon domain expertise and using powerful statistical and machine learning techniques. In this app we explore a publicly available air quality measurements from Alberta and demonstrate how visual exploration can be done on large and complex data.

Blog post with spatio-temporal visualization: Interactive air quality data visualization

Blog post and multivariate data exploration:

ShinyProxy 1-click App

Deploy interactive R Shiny applications at scale with ease using the 1-Click ShinyProxy app. ShinyProxy builds on enterprise Java and Docker technology to provide authentication, authorization, resource allocation, and monitoring.

DigitalOcean marketplace:

Documentation on the Analythium Hub

Publication in The R Journal

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